I believe in love to drown out all darkness.  This wasn’t always the case.  It took walking through some major life challenges, like we all face, and experiencing a bit of a wake up call to understand that to truly serve our life’s purpose and walk our path as our authentic self, we have got to find our way back to love.  No matter what has happened, no matter where we’re at on our journey, we have to hold this vision.  I believe this down to my core and attempt to carry out this personal mission with a little grace and humor to assist.

The journey back to love consists of healing, growth and empowerment that carries us through our most painful experiences and challenging times to emerge on the other side as a being of love and light contributing to positively affect the world around us.  Now, more than ever, I hope this message serves as a light for the wounded and lost to find their way back to their authentic selves. Full of joy, excitement, power, energy and love.  I share this concept, my perceptions, and various experiences in hopes that it will serve to help others. Either to love, to find strength for the journey, to gain some wisdom, or just have a good laugh.

Check out our posts page for some thoughts, wisdom, strength and some frequent laughter to keep us sane, and be sure to check out Rise Higher-Daily Reminders for the Rising Self  and I Am-A Children’s Affirmation Coloring Book both available on Amazon for purchase.

Love and light your way~

Kim Oliphant-Truett


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